"The 6th RMI bass has arrived and, oh my god! The best bass I own! A huge variety of sounds, build quality is as good as it gets, the bridge provides an action for every style, woods are matched perfectly for tone, and the understated look means this bass will be my default for every job. Mark, you nailed the brief!"

"I opened the box and my first thought was 'this Aurora oozes quality'. It is exactly what I wanted. The flamed maple has like a 3D effect in the light. I can see someone has taken a lot of care to choose the best piece. The factory have done a fantastic job with this bass. I took it to my setup guy Chris and he examined the bass and said 'you know what Bren, this is the best RMI bass you have brought me'. Mark, I love it brother!"

Bren Travis, UK

"Really enjoyed playing this thing... fretboard is perfect the ebony is like glass.... also the laminates on the back of neck look cool. Everything plays and sounds amazing, feel like im playing as a kid again."

Paul Merson, USA

"Thanks Mark, received the Nano & the case in good condition. It looks beautiful... that little thing sounds amazing. Takes a little getting used to. Thanks again, Heiko."

Heiko Schilf, Canada


Christina Bulford, UK


"Hi Mark, got the bass today, it arrived in great condition, it sounds great, and it is a total monster! Thanks a lot!!!!"

Felipe Ruiz Botero, Colombia


Deicola Neves, UK

"It was absolutely amazing - the initial concept, going from start to finish and sitting here today having these basses delivered far better than I thought they would ever be. They're fabulously light. The necks are amazing. They look gorgeous. Fabulous! And you can quote me on that!"

Pete Armatage, UK


"Dear Mark, here back i am, wishing only to say thank you and give you my personal impression after one month strumming on the Boomslang. Seriously, for the price i payed and for the ideas we shared, this bass is a killer machine. Defo i sincerely hope we will stay in touch for further cooperation. I really do believe you are a excellent professional.

Although it is fitted with simple features, i am totally satisfied with it. Technically speaking, i really love it. Nice punchy but smooth sound, very versatile (most importance), it keeps the tuning like time has stopped, the more i play it the more i like it. For modern techniques like slapping and tapping, is one of the most sensitive i had. Very good choice of woods and the pick up i believe. it got a modern yes classic sound of the sting ray.

It is not a tonal copy anyway, it is a beast of its own kind. I am still struggling to find the right match on the controls (will need your help and a more technically deep explanation :D) but really i thank you so much for giving me the chance to cooperate with you. i wish you all the best and i hope to get in touch with you back soon. Last but not least, the color is amazing. Hope the business is keeping you busy. Best regards, Ilario"

Ilario Iacoboni, UK


Alysha Moore, UK

Joanna Phillips, UK


"Hi Mark, just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know the bass arrived on Friday morning, I spent Friday and Saturday dialling in my own settings, and gigged it last night. From the physical aspect it was exactly like playing my B*****; the pickup and ramp position was perfect and my right hand fell naturally onto the ramp, neck felt exactly the same width wise but front to back is definitely thinner which, having fairly small fingers isn't a bad thing at all. I had to fight the urge to whizz around it too much, the neck definitely promotes shredding!

Weight wise its a good 3.5lbs lighter than my B*****, and that difference is defintely noticeable.I had none of the backache that I normally have after 2.5hrs of standing with that bass strapped on. The Expression was so much lighter it really felt like not wearing a bass at all. Tone wise there wasn't much difference, I didn't adjust the settings on my rig at all, and I only tweaked the bass's on board EQ very slightly, and even that wasn't often. I also noticed that it tracked much better with my octave pedal too, I suspect that's as a result of the ash body and the lightness of the wood promoting much more resonance and maintaining the full harmonic range of the notes better than the hard maple body of the B*****.

Overall, its an absolutely perfect fit for me and my playing style, and I think I'll be cleaning the B***** up and retiring it for the foreseeable future, quite possibly even moving it on at some point. My only problem now is wishing I had the money to give the 33" scale a go..."

Eddie Grady, UK


Rayk Kozian, Germany

Katie J White, Australia

"I finally got a moment to check out the Quantums and 'Jaco' Retrocat basses. Awesome!!! I agree they could all do with a bit of set up work but they all sound great especially the Quantum fretless, it sounds amazing!!!"

Dave Dunbar, UK


Dan Cake, UK

"Mark the bass is absolutely beautiful mate. The colour is perfect, the paint work is stunning, the pickups are superb and the neck feels amazing. The neck joint is spot on. I'm very pleased with the bass."

John Shepherd, UK

"Hi Mark, just got home and tested the bass. Looks, sounds, feels and plays great. Didn't notice the zero fret until just now. I'm very pleased with the result, thanks a lot."

Aren Riedlinger, UK


Zad De Marseilles, UK


"Woooowwww!! ...looks divine!!...just wanted to say that I really enjoyed our conversation yesterday and so happy that we finally got to meet! I tried the bass once I got back home last night and it sounds the way I wanted it to sound!"

Rami Lakkis, UK


Armin Alic, Germany

"Lovely, my friend, lovely! I've never bought a bass or a guitar blind but your you- tube with the mint green Xpression sold it for me! Your bass playing also was a big selling point too! But on first impression, I can see a long-term love affair going on between my bass and me! Loving the: tonal range; string spacing & the general feel of the shorter scale feels good! Nice design work, my friend. Thank you. Neil"

Neil Parker, UK


Alexis Ruinier, France

"Cracking guitar Mark exactly what I wanted and lighter than I expected (makes my cg winner electric feel like a tank) String height is perfect I have a dodgy ring finger from an accident when I was a kid which doesn't affect me on bass so much but on guitar its a bit more problematic so the lower the better. Cheers Dave"

David Williams, UK


Brian Acampo, Belgium

"Hi Mark, I just wanted to let you know the bass is FANTASTIC! Cheers Al"

Alistair Butt, UK


Matt Nicholas, UK

Alex Wieczorek, Germany